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1st Name(Jp)Last Name(Jp) Born yeardead yearentry biography
Given NameFamily Name POLLEAINTCHMVirtueAffinity
VocationReligion Skills  
政友御宿 156716151582 Hōjō retainer. After serving the likes of the Imagawa and Takeda, he went to serve Hideyasu Yūki. He later fought in the summer siege of Ōsaka and died during the battle.
Masatomo Mishuku 2635 740 03
SamuraiBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
長重丹羽 157116371586 Toyotomi retainer, Nagahide's heir. After the battle of Sekigahara, he lost his territory in Echizen. For his work during the siege of Ōsaka, he received territory in Mutsu-Shirakawa.
Nagashige Niwa 384532 3737 03
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
親正生駒 153516031550 Toyotomi retainer. During the battle of Sekigahara, he fought in the western army. However, because his son fought in the eastern army, his titles and land were taken away.
Chikamasa Ikoma 534837 5561 03
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
安信百々 154816091563 Toyotomi retainer. Fought in the battle of Yamasaki. During the battle of Sekigahara, he sided with the western army and was defeated. He later served Kazutoyo Yamanōuchi.
Yasunobu Dodo 633745 4553 03
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
直元氏家 151315711528 Saitō retainer, one of the Mino Three. After the demise of the Saitō, he served the Oda. During the Nagashima riots, he served as rear guard and consequently died during the battle.
Naomoto Ujiie 465850 5845 03
SamuraiBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
重吉二木 153016161545 Ogasawara retainer. After the demise of the Takeda, Ieyasu Tokugawa helped him retake Fukashi Castle from the Ogasawara. He eventually wrote a book, "Futatsugi Diaries."
Shigeyoshi Futatsugi 554660 6083 03
SamuraiBuddhism [Taunt][-] [-]
重政富田 155416251569 Maeda retainer, Kagemasa's son-in-law. During the battle of Suemori Castle, he proved himself as a master spearman. He also fought in the battle of Sekigahara and the siege of Ōsaka.
Shigemasa Toda 97443 5073 03
WarriorBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
継潤宮部 152815991543 Azai retainer. He served Nobunaga Oda after the demise of his clan. He fought in Hideyoshi Hashiba's forces as the vanguard. He helped in capturing Inaba-Tottori Castle.
Keijun Miyabe 595471 6832 03
MonkBuddhism [Volley 3][Taunt] [-]
順国慈明寺 153115801546 Tsutsui retainer. He married his brother's daughter. After his brother's death, it is believed they used body doubles to keep his death a secret.
Junkoku Jimyōji 583763 6156 03
MonkBuddhism [Calm][-] [-]
正頼吉見 151315881528 Ōuchi retainer. He married his master, Yoshitaka's daughter. He allied with Motonari Mōri to fight against Yoshitaka's enemy, Harukata Sue. He served the Mōri after Harukata's death.
Masayori Yoshimi 634767 6774 03
MonkBuddhism [Rally][-] [-]
広頼吉見 153516131550 Mōri retainer, Masayori's son. He fought in various battles, capturing Izumo-Hakushika Castle. He did not have any heirs as they all died before him.
Hiroyori Yoshimi 562938 5367 03
KokuninBuddhism [-][-] [-]
嘉隆九鬼 154216001557 Oda retainer. One of the pirates of Shima. Using his experience from the battle of Kizugawaguchi, he constructed a ship made of metal and destroyed the Mōri navy later.
Yoshitaka Kuki 236649 5065 03
PirateBuddhism [Swift][Demolish] [-]
1st Name(Jp)Last Name(Jp) Born yeardead yearentry biography
Given NameFamily Name POLLEAINTCHMVirtueAffinity
VocationReligion Skills  

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