All officer of "Nobunaga's Ambition : Rise to Power"

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1st Name(Jp)Last Name(Jp) Born yeardead yearentry biography
Given NameFamily Name POLLEAINTCHMVirtueAffinity
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長慶三好 152315641538 Hosokawa retainer. He greatly increased his territory in Kinai by exiling his master, Harumoto. However, the death of his heir, Yoshioki, led him to depression and he died of illness.
Nagayoshi Miyoshi 876785 7915 56
MagistrateBuddhism [Volley 3][Rally] [-]
義興三好 154215631557 Nagayoshi's heir, escort to the Shōgun of the Muromachi Shogunate. Having defeated the Rokkaku and Hatakeyama, his future seemed bright. However, he was later murdered.
Yoshioki Miyoshi 595138 6354 57
MagistrateBuddhism [Swift][-] [-]
義賢三好 152715621542 Miyoshi retainer, Motonaga's 2nd son. He looked after Awa while his brother went out to Kinai. He was Nagayoshi's right hand man but died in battle later.
Yoshikata Miyoshi 756874 7164 57
MagistrateBuddhism [Volley 3][Calm] [-]
長治三好 155315771568 Yoshikata's son. He killed Nagafusa Shinohara with Saneyuki Hosokawa's help and became the head of the clan. He later died fighting against Saneyuki.
Nagaharu Miyoshi 263618 5331 55
MagistrateBuddhism [-][-] [-]
存保三好 155415861569 Yoshikata Miyoshi's son. He served Hideyoshi Toyotomi and fought the Chōsokabe. He served in the vanguard during the conquest of Kyūshū. He died in Bungo, at the battle of Hetsugigawa.
Masayasu Miyoshi 406342 4856 57
MagistrateBuddhism [Swift][-] [-]
冬康安宅 153015641545 Miyoshi retainer, Motonaga Miyoshi's 3rd son. He led the Atagi navy. He was killed by his older brother, Nagayoshi Miyoshi. He was a lover of books, poems and tea.
Fuyuyasu Atagi 485648 6664 54
MagistrateBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
信康安宅 154915781564 Oda retainer, Fuyuyasu's son. Took over the clan and led the Awaji navy. He fought against the Mōri navy in the battle of Kizugawaguchi.
Nobuyasu Atagi 433536 5442 54
MagistrateBuddhism [-][-] [-]
一存十河 153215611547 Miyoshi retainer, Motonaga Miyoshi's 4th son. He became lord of Sogō Castle. He was a fearsome warrior, known as "Sogō the Devil." He died falling off a horse.
Kazumasa Sogō 177548 5061 52
MagistrateBuddhism [Block][Demolish] [-]
義継十河 154915731564 Kazumasa Sogō's son. Became head of the clan after Nagayoshi Miyoshi's death. He was killed by Nobunaga Oda when he tried to protect Yoshiaki Ashikaga.
Yoshitsugu Sogō 394532 5466 52
MagistrateBuddhism [-][-] [-]
康長三好 150815871523 Miyoshi retainer, Nagayoshi's uncle. He became Nobunaga Oda's retainer after being defeated. After the Honnōji incident, he served Hideyoshi Toyotomi.
Yasunaga Miyoshi 743978 7131 75
MagistrateBuddhism [Demolish][-] [-]
政康三好 152816151543 Miyoshi retainer. He and Hisahide Matsunaga killed Shōgun Yoshiteru Ashikaga. He was fled Nobunaga Oda in Kii. He died serving the Toyotomi during the summer siege of Ōsaka.
Masayasu Miyoshi 485947 6527 51
MagistrateBuddhism [Swift][-] [-]
長逸三好 151415781529 Miyoshi retainer. Brought chaos to the clan by constantly arguing with Yoshitsugu and Hisahide Matsunaga. He was defeated by Nobunaga Oda's forces in Kinai and fled.
Nagayuki Miyoshi 535761 6748 51
MagistrateBuddhism [Block][-] [-]
政勝三好 153616311551 Hosokawa retainer. He fought with Nagayoshi Miyoshi for killing his father. He served Nobunaga Oda after being defeated in Kinai. He later served the Toyotomi and the Tokugawa.
Masakatsu Miyoshi 404546 5351 60
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1st Name(Jp)Last Name(Jp) Born yeardead yearentry biography
Given NameFamily Name POLLEAINTCHMVirtueAffinity
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