All officer of "Nobunaga's Ambition : Rise to Power"

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1st Name(Jp)Last Name(Jp) Born yeardead yearentry biography
Given NameFamily Name POLLEAINTCHMVirtueAffinity
VocationReligion Skills  
晴朝結城 153316141548 17th head of the Yūki, Takatomo Oyama's 2nd son. He would constantly form and break alliances with the Hōjō and Uesugi. He eventually served Ieyasu Tokugawa's son.
Harutomo Yūki 804178 5616 41
SamuraiBuddhism [Swift][Confuse] [-]
信綱上泉 150815771523 An expert swordsman. He served the Nagano until their demise. He served Shingen Takeda but only briefly, for he set out to travel the land to further his training.
Nobutsuna Kamiizumi 49741 6388 41
WarriorBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
義元今川 151915601534 9th head of the Imagawa. Formed the Kai-Sagami-Suruga alliance, amassing great strength. He was killed by Nobunaga Oda while on his way to the capital in a surprise attack.
Yoshimoto Imagawa 837672 8044 41
NobleBuddhism [Volley 3][Rally] [-]
氏真今川 153816141553 10th head of the Imagawa, Yoshimoto's heir. He spent most of his time playing games and writing poetry. As a result, Ieyasu Tokugawa and Shingen Takeda confiscated his realm.
Ujizane Imagawa 3957 8137 41
NobleBuddhism [-][-] [-]
泰能朝比奈 150715571522 Imagawa retainer, lord of Kakegawa Castle. In 1548, he aided Sessai Taigen in the battle of Azukizaka, defeating Nobuhide Oda. He led the Imagawa in their western advance.
Yasuyoshi Asahina 565749 5957 41
RetainerBuddhism [Swift][-] [-]
泰朝朝比奈 153015821545 Imagawa retainer, Yasuyoshi's son. After being forced out of Suruga, he went to Ujizane's Kakegawa Castle where he fought Tokugawa forces. The castle fell after 5 months.
Yasutomo Asahina 216853 5996 41
RetainerBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
元春毛利 153015861545 Motonari Mōri's 2nd son. From a powerful clan in Aki. He served the Kikkawa, fighting in Sanin. He was known as a great warrior who never lost a battle.
Motoharu Mōri 538769 7182 41
SamuraiBuddhism [Block][Swift] [Demolish]
元長毛利 154815871563 Motoharu's eldest son. He fought in Hideyoshi Toyotomi's conquest of Kyūshū where he never lost a battle. He took over the clan after his father's death but he too died soon thereafter.
Motonaga Mōri 446845 5474 41
SamuraiBuddhism [Block][-] [-]
広家毛利 156116251576 Motoharu's 3rd son. During the battle of Sekigahara, he predicted that the western army would lose and negotiated with the Mōri to let him stay. He was later branded a traitor.
Hiroie Mōri 724172 6542 41
SamuraiBuddhism [Confuse][-] [-]
信直熊谷 150715931522 Aki-Takeda retainer. He fell out of favor with his clan and joined the Mōri. His daughter married Motonari's son, Motoharu Kikkawa. He served in the vanguard for Kikkawa's forces.
Nobunao Kumagai 297146 5254 41
KokuninBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
元直熊谷 155516051570 Mōri retainer, Nobunao's grandson. He became a Christian after being influenced by Yoshitaka Kuroda. He later defied his master, Terumoto's decree on religion and was executed.
Motonao Kumagai 363521 4834 41
KokuninBuddhism [-][-] [-]
1st Name(Jp)Last Name(Jp) Born yeardead yearentry biography
Given NameFamily Name POLLEAINTCHMVirtueAffinity
VocationReligion Skills  

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