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1st Name(Jp)Last Name(Jp) Born yeardead yearentry biography
Given NameFamily Name POLLEAINTCHMVirtueAffinity
VocationReligion Skills  
吉正 154815901563 From a powerful clan in Kii. A member of the Saika mercenaries. Fought in the siege of Ishiyama Honganji. He was a skilled marksman, it is believed he shot Nobunaga Oda in the thigh.
Yoshimasa Oka 85344 2462 61
KokuninIkkō Sect [Swift][-] [-]
守重土橋 151815821533 From a powerful clan in Kii. He fought at Ishiyama Honganji along with his 4 sons. He eventually left Ishiyama Honganji but was murdered later.
Morishige Tsuchibashi 175839 4171 61
KokuninIkkō Sect [Volley 3][-] [-]
祐豊山名 151115801526 Tajima Prefect. He sent his younger brother, Toyosada, to Inaba and the two of them controlled Tajima and Inaba. They later surrendered to Hideyoshi Hashiba's forces.
Suketoyo Yamana 624951 6445 83
NobleBuddhism [-][-] [-]
豊定山名 151215601527 Inaba Prefect, lord of Tottori Castle. His brother, Suketoyo, ordered him to go to Inaba where he defeated the Yamana. He made Inaba his territory.
Toyosada Yamana 585054 6663 83
NobleBuddhism [-][-] [-]
豊国山名 154816261563 Inaba Prefect, lord of Tottori Castle. Toyosada's 3rd son. He defeated Takanobu Takeda and recovered his castle. Served Hideyoshi Hashiba but was later exiled.
Toyokuni Yamana 271810 6319 79
NobleBuddhism [-][-] [-]
続成垣屋 148215701497 Yamana retainer. He became magistrate when his father, Okitoyo, became Tajima Prefect. He was later surprise attacked by Koreyoshi Tainoshō and he committed suicide.
Tsugunari Kakiya 615270 7031 79
KokuninBuddhism [Taunt][-] [-]
光成垣屋 152315921538 Yamana retainer, Tsugunari's son. He fought his father's killer, Koreyoshi Tainoshō and killed him. He later joined Hideyoshi Hashiba and besieged Inaba-Tottori Castle.
Mitsunari Kakiya 454947 5750 79
KokuninBuddhism [-][-] [-]
是義田結庄 151815751533 Yamana retainer. The Koreyoshi were one of the four Yamana Guardians. He became bitter enemies with Tsugunari Kakiya and killed him. He was later killed by Tsugunari's son, Mitsunari.
Koreyoshi Tainoshō 384161 5738 89
KokuninBuddhism [-][-] [-]
春続中村 152915811544 Yamana retainer. He banished his father from his castle after his surrender to Hideyoshi Hashiba. However, he lost the battle to Hideyoshi and had to commit suicide.
Harutsugu Nakamura 384565 4637 84
SamuraiBuddhism [Calm][-] [-]
通与森下 153715811552 Yamana retainer. He banished his father and Harutsugu Nakamura and served Tsuneie Kikkawa defending Tottori Castle. Hideyoshi Hashiba defeated him and he committed suicide.
Michiyo Morishita 294855 4342 91
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
定勝吉岡 153216061547 Yamana retainer. He fought against Hideyoshi Hashiba's Inaba invasion, stealing his prized horse. However, he fled with his family when Tottori Castle fell to Hideyoshi.
Sadakatsu Yoshioka 156348 3248 91
KokuninBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
宗勝南条 149815751513 7th head of the Nanjō, lord of Ueshi Castle. He lost his castle to Tsunehisa Amago, becoming a wanderer. He received aid from Motonari Mōri and recovered his castle, becoming a retainer.
Munekatsu Nanjō 426773 6651 98
KokuninBuddhism [Block][Confuse] [-]
元続南条 154915911564 8th head of the Nanjō, lord of Ueshi Castle. Munekatsu's heir. He served Hideyoshi Toyotomi and fought in the conquest of Kyūshū. He also fought in the conquest of Odawara.
Mototsugu Nanjō 574963 5959 99
KokuninBuddhism [Volley 3][Calm] [-]
晴久尼子 151415601529 Izumo Daimyō. He became head of the clan after his grandfather, Tsunehisa died. He suddenly died while fighting against Motonari Mōri.
Haruhisa Amago 595732 7147 11
MagistrateBuddhism [Block][-] [-]
義久尼子 154016101555 Izumo Daimyō, lord of Gassan-Toda Castle. Haruhisa's son. He fought against Motonari Mōri's Izumo invasion but was overwhelmed by Motonari's superior tactics, losing the battle.
Yoshihisa Amago 251819 5650 11
MagistrateBuddhism [-][-] [-]
国久尼子 149215541507 Amago retainer, Tsunehisa's 2nd son. He led his elite troops to aid his nephew, Haruhisa, only to be betrayed. He fell victim to Motonari Mōri's tactics, killed by Haruhisa.
Kunihisa Amago 238416 2271 04
MagistrateBuddhism [Block][-] [-]
誠久尼子 152015541535 Amago retainer, Kunihisa's eldest son. He and his father led their elite troops, only to be attacked by his cousin, Haruhisa. He died, falling victim to Motonari Mōri's strategy.
Masahisa Amago 9807 1356 04
MagistrateBuddhism [Block][-] [-]
勝久尼子 155315781568 Masahisa's son. He was appointed as clan leader by Yukimori Yamanaka in hopes of reviving the clan. He later battled the Mōri, only to be defeated. He committed suicide.
Katsuhisa Amago 284418 6373 01
MagistrateBuddhism [-][-] [-]
盛清赤穴 152915951544 Amago retainer, lord of Setoyama Castle. Mitsukiyo's 3rd son. He later battled Motonari Mōri's Izumo invasion forces but was defeated. He then served the Mōri.
Morikiyo Akana 483347 4620 06
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
久兼宇山 151115661526 Amago retainer, he was also a chief retainer. During the siege of Gassan-Toda Castle, he used his personal wealth to provide supplies for those in the castle. He was killed by Yoshihisa.
Hisakane Uyama 735638 6987 05
SamuraiBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
長雄小笠原 152015691535 Ōuchi retainer, lord of Nukuyu Castle. After Yoshitaka's death, he joined the Amago. He was later attacked by Motonari Mōri's forces and surrendered.
Nagataka Ogasawara 535138 5144 05
KokuninBuddhism [-][-] [-]
茲矩亀井 155716121572 Amago retainer. After the demise of his clan, he served the Toyotomi, becoming lord of Shikano Castle. He conducted many land reclamation projects and built canals.
Korenori Kamei 743859 6627 04
SamuraiBuddhism [Rally][-] [-]
清宗佐世 152115701536 Amago retainer. He served as chief retainer. His forces were defeated during Motonari Mōri's invasion of Izumo and he surrendered.
Kiyomune Sase 573444 5754 06
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
元嘉佐世 154616201561 Amago retainer, Kiyomune's son. Defeated along with his father against Motonari Mōri's Izumo invasion. He served Mōri soon thereafter, fighting in Korea and the battle of Sekigahara.
Motoyoshi Sase 461052 4626 05
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
久綱立原 153116131546 Amago retainer. He and his nephew, Yukimori Yamanaka, appointed Katsuhisa Amago as head of the clan. He was captured by the Mōri later but escaped, fleeing to Awa.
Hisatsuna Tachihara 405564 5983 02
SamuraiBuddhism [Swift][Demolish] [-]
常光本城 151315621528 Amago retainer, lord of Yamabuki Castle. He repelled the attacks of Motonari Mōri and Motoharu Kikkawa and became famous. He was later defeated and killed by Motonari.
Tsunemitsu Honjō 107840 3430 04
KokuninBuddhism [Block][-] [-]
為清三沢 153615881551 Amago retainer, lord of Misawa Castle. He sided momentarily with Yoshitaka Ōuchi but soon returned after Yoshitaka's Izumo invasion failed. He later surrendered to Motonari Mōri.
Tamekiyo Misawa 503655 4839 05
KokuninBuddhism [-][-] [-]
幸盛山中 154515781560 Amago retainer. He appointed Katsuhisa Amago as head of the clan but his plans were foiled when the Mōri attacked. He was killed while being transported to Aki.
Yukimori Yamanaka 147237 54100 01
SamuraiBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
就治別所 150215631517 From a powerful clan in Harima, lord of Mitsugi Castle. The Bessho were illegitimate descendants of the Akamatsu. He served the Hosokawa and the Miyoshi in many battles.
Nariharu Bessho 507360 5740 63
MagistrateBuddhism [Block][-] [-]
安治別所 153215701547 From a powerful clan in Harima, lord of Mitsugi Castle. He Repelled Nagayoshi Miyoshi's invasion army. He aided Nobunaga Oda when Shōgun Yoshiaki Ashikaga was attacked by the Miyoshi.
Yasuharu Bessho 565150 5162 63
MagistrateBuddhism [-][-] [-]
長治別所 155815801573 From a powerful clan in Harima, lord of Mitsugi Castle. After being besieged for 2 years, he made a deal with Hideyoshi Hashiba to let his people go in exchange for his life.
Nagaharu Bessho 457044 4776 63
MagistrateBuddhism [Block][-] [-]
重棟別所 153915911554 Bessho retainer, Nariharu's son. He supported his nephew, Nagaharu. After Nagaharu's death he served Hideyoshi Toyotomi and fought in his conquest of Kyūshū.
Shigemune Bessho 484536 4943 64
MagistrateBuddhism [-][-] [-]
定範淡河 153915781554 Bessho retainer, lord of Ōgo Castle. He fought against Hideyoshi Hashiba. He later defeated Hashiba retainer, Moritomo Tani but was wounded and committed suicide.
Sadanori Ōgo 445964 5489 57
KokuninBuddhism [Volley 3][Confuse] [-]
真雄加須屋 156216071577 Toyotomi retainer, from Harima. During the battle of Sekigahara, he sided with the western army, participating in the attack on Fushimi Castle. He is later employed by the Shogunate.
Sanekatsu Kasuya 275830 2547 59
KokuninBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
晴政赤松 151315651528 Harima Prefect. He was used as a puppet by his retainer, Muramune Uragami. He later kills Muramune with help from Harumoto Hosokawa but was attacked by Haruhisa Amago.
Harumasa Akamatsu 301628 3734 69
NobleBuddhism [-][-] [-]
義祐赤松 153715761552 Harumasa's son. He was defeated in a battle by Masamune Uragami, despite being aided by Nobunaga Oda.
Yoshisuke Akamatsu 513042 6342 72
NobleBuddhism [-][-] [-]
則房赤松 155915981574 Toyotomi retainer, Yoshisuke's son. He fought in the battle of Shizugatake, Komaki-Nagakute and in the conquest of Shikoku. He also fought in Korea.
Norifusa Akamatsu 493150 6456 72
NobleBuddhism [-][-] [-]
政秀赤松 152115701536 Akamatsu retainer, lord of Tatsuno Castle. He killed Masamune Uragami, allied with Yasuharu Bessho and fought against Masamoto Kodera and Mototaka Kuroda.
Masahide Akamatsu 416365 6477 73
SamuraiBuddhism [Block][Calm] [-]
政職小寺 152515821540 Akamatsu retainer, lord of Kochaku Castle. He allied with the Bessho. He betrays Nobunaga Oda and was attacked by Hideyoshi Hashiba and defeated.
Masamoto Kodera 665651 5643 45
RetainerBuddhism [Block][-] [-]
職隆黒田 152415851539 Kodera retainer, lord of Himeji Castle. From a powerful clan in Harima. He married his master, Masamoto's daughter and became chief retainer.
Mototaka Kuroda 714765 7045 06
SamuraiBuddhism [Rally][-] [-]
孝高黒田 154616041561 Toyotomi retainer, he served Hideyoshi as a strategist. He contributed greatly to Hideyoshi's unification of the land.
Yoshitaka Kuroda 818188 7335 06
SamuraiBuddhism [Swift][Demolish] [Confuse]
長政黒田 156816231583 Toyotomi retainer. He fought in the conquest of Kyūshū. During the battle of Sekigahara, he served in the eastern army. After the battle, he was rewarded land in Chikuzen.
Nagamasa Kuroda 776373 6944 07
SamuraiBuddhism [Swift][Rally] [-]
基次後藤 156016151575 Kuroda retainer. He was summoned by Hideyori Toyotomi and he entered Ōsaka Castle. He gathered his forces to fight the Tokugawa. He was killed in the summer siege of Ōsaka.
Mototsugu Gotō 147551 3892 12
SamuraiBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
友信母里 155616151571 Kuroda retainer. A great warrior who matched the skills of Mototsugu Gotō. Masanori Fukushima rewarded him with a great spear. This statue can be seen in present-day Fukuoka.
Tomonobu Mori 117236 2882 06
SamuraiBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
勝元後藤 153815791553 From a powerful clan in Mimasaka, lord of Mitsuboshi Castle. Allied with the Amago and Uragami clans and led the Gotō to prosperity. Defeated by Naoie Ukita, he committed suicide.
Katsumoto Gotō 376236 5354 64
SamuraiBuddhism [Block][-] [-]
久盛竹内 150315951518 From a powerful clan in Mimasaka, lord of Ichinose Castle. He was defeated by Naoie Ukita and became his retainer. He created what would be Japan's oldest spear school.
Hisamori Takeuchi 106626 3739 58
KokuninBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
忠佐原田 157716211592 Ukita retainer. He went to Korea during Hideyoshi Toyotomi's Korean campaign. He was forced to return because of his soldiers' disorderly conduct.
Tadasuke Harada 403037 4046 65
KokuninBuddhism [-][-] [-]
宗景浦上 151215821527 Bizen Daimyō, lord of Murotsu Castle. He amassed a large army to fight against his older brother. However he lost his castle to his retainer, Naoie Ukita, when he attacked.
Munekage Uragami 555868 6225 53
MagistrateBuddhism [Volley 3][Taunt] [-]
盛実島村 149515591510 Uragami retainer, he forced Yoshiie Ukita to commit suicide by attacking Toishi Castle. However, he was later attacked and killed by Yoshiie's grandson, Naoie Ukita.
Morizane Shimamura 281072 6311 53
SamuraiBuddhism [Confuse][-] [-]
景親明石 152015891535 Uragami retainer, lord of Sakane Castle. Fought in the battle of Myōzenji. Naoie Ukita attacked his lord at Tenjinyama Castle, destroying the clan. He then served Naoie.
Kagechika Akashi 593770 6422 19
SamuraiBuddhism [Demolish][-] [-]
1st Name(Jp)Last Name(Jp) Born yeardead yearentry biography
Given NameFamily Name POLLEAINTCHMVirtueAffinity
VocationReligion Skills  
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