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1st Name(Jp)Last Name(Jp) Born yeardead yearentry biography
Given NameFamily Name POLLEAINTCHMVirtueAffinity
VocationReligion Skills  
頼忠正木 155116221566 Satomi retainer, Tokitada's son. He became a hostage when his father allied with the Hōjō. After his brother died, he returned to Katsuura Castle.
Yoritada Masaki 524248 4138 28
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
為春正木 157316521588 Satomi retainer, Yoritada's son. When his nephew became leader of the Kii-Wakayama clan, he became their elder advisor. He later wrote the "Ada Stories."
Tameharu Masaki 582744 6252 28
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
為頼土岐 149415831509 Satomi retainer. He was feared for his skills in battle. During the 2nd war between the Hōjō and Satomi, he left the Satomi and joined the Hōjō.
Tameyori Toki 577380 4044 22
KokuninBuddhism [Volley 3][Demolish] [-]
敏房酒井 151115771526 Satomi retainer. Fought alongside Tokishige Masaki and Tameyori Toki for the Satomi. After the war between the Satomi and Hōjō ended, he joined the Hōjō.
Toshifusa Sakai 586772 4552 29
KokuninBuddhism [Volley 3][Taunt] [-]
吉明御子神 156516281580 An expert swordsman. He first served the Satomi but left them in order to further his training. He became a master swordsman, creating the Ono school of swordsmanship.
Yoshiaki Mikogami 1732 2814 44
WarriorBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
広綱宇都宮 154315801558 21 head of the Utsunomiya. Married Yoshiaki Satake's daughter, forming an alliance. He fought alongside Takasada Haga against clans allied with the Hōjō.
Hirotsuna Utsunomiya 593927 4557 16
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
国綱宇都宮 156816071580 22nd head of the Utsunomiya, Hirotsuna's heir. He fought in Hideyoshi Toyotomi's conquest of Odawara. He got involved in a Toyotomi clan scandal and was stripped of his titles.
Kunitsuna Utsunomiya 574551 4944 17
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
綱房壬生 147915551494 Utsunomiya retainer, lord of Mibu Castle. He forced the deaths of his lords, Tadatsuna and Okitsuna. After Okitsuna's son, Hisatsuna died in battle, he took over Utsunomiya Castle.
Tsunafusa Mibu 815288 638 13
SamuraiBuddhism [Rally][-] [-]
綱雄壬生 151515761530 Utsunomiya retainer, lord of Mibu and Kanuma Castles, Tsunafusa's heir. He was killed for trying to leave the clan and side with the Hōjō.
Tsunatake Mibu 354047 4433 13
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
義雄壬生 155215901567 Utsunomiya retainer, lord of Mibu Castle, Tsunatake's heir. Later served the Hōjō. He died during Hideyoshi Toyotomi's conquest of Odawara, while laying siege to Odawara Castle.
Yoshitake Mibu 374649 4521 13
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
高継芳賀 152615921541 Utsunomiya retainer, Takatsune's 2nd son. He left the clan when his father died but came back later when Takasada Haga asked him to return. He looked after politics for the clan.
Takatsugu Haga 514956 5660 09
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
高定芳賀 152915881544 Utsunomiya retainer. Became the head of the clan after Takatsune Haga's death. He took back Utsunomiya Castle from the Mibu and contributed greatly to the clan.
Takasada Haga 745875 6784 16
SamuraiBuddhism [Volley 3][Taunt] [-]
高武宇都宮 157216121587 Utsunomiya retainer, Hirotsuna's Utsunomiya's 3rd son. Served his brother, Kunitsuna, as his right hand man. He tried to revive the clan after it had been declassed.
Takatake Utsunomiya 485545 5455 15
SamuraiBuddhism [Swift][-] [-]
高光今泉 156815971583 Utsunomiya retainer. He was disliked by Takatake Haga for supporting the idea of having Nagamasa Asano's son, Nagashige become heir. Takatake later attacked and killed him.
Takamitsu Imaizumi 562745 4449 12
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
広照皆川 154816271563 From a powerful clan in Shimotsuke, Toshimune's son. Served Ieyasu Tokugawa after the demise of the Hōjō. He later served Ieyasu's 6th son, Tadateru Matsudaira as an advisor.
Hiroteru Minagawa 593254 3629 61
KokuninBuddhism [-][-] [-]
高資那須 152015511535 A warrior from Shimotsuke, Masasuke's heir. He was attacked by Hisatsuna Utsunomiya, whom he defeated. He was later killed by Hisatsuna's son, Hirotsuna and Takasada Haga.
Takasuke Nasu 347414 4941 54
NobleBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
資胤那須 152715831542 A warrior from Shimotsuke, Masasuke's 2nd son. After Takasuke's death, he became clan leader with Takamasu Ōzeki's support. He is later forced to give up his role by Takamasu.
Suketane Nasu 195344 3931 55
NobleBuddhism [-][-] [-]
資晴那須 155716101572 A warrior from Shimotsuke, Suketane's heir. He enjoyed a great victory over the Ustunomiya at the battle of Usubagahara.
Sukeharu Nasu 313426 3336 56
NobleBuddhism [-][-] [-]
資景那須 158616561601 Shimotsuke-Nasu clan leader, Sukeharu's heir. During the battle of Sekigahara, he served in the eastern army. He fought very well in the siege of Ōsaka.
Sukekage Nasu 361638 4552 55
NobleBuddhism [-][-] [-]
資清大田原 148615601501 One of the 7 retainers of the Nasu, lord of Ōtawara Castle. His cunning tactics made him the most powerful retainer serving the Nasu.
Sukekiyo Ōtawara 826483 7030 66
SamuraiBuddhism [Volley 3][Taunt] [-]
高増大関 152715981542 One of the 7 retainers of the Nasu, Sukekiyo Ōtawara's son. He lead the Ōzeki, Ōtawara and Fukuhara and supported their lord Sukeharu, making his clan the most powerful.
Takamasu Ōzeki 746280 6540 66
SamuraiBuddhism [Swift][Demolish] [-]
資孝福原 153516141550 One of the 7 retainers of the Nasu, Sukekiyo Ōtawara's son. He served his brother Takamasu Ōzeki. He arrived late to Hideyoshi Toyotomi's conquest of Odawara and was penalized.
Suketaka Fukuhara 453763 4636 55
SamuraiBuddhism [Rally][-] [-]
資保福原 157116331586 One of the 7 retainers of the Nasu, Suketaka's 2nd son. In the battle of Sekigahara, he served the eastern army. During the siege of Ōsaka, he served Masanobu Honda, holding Ōsaka Castle.
Sukeyasu Fukuhara 443852 4453 55
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
綱清大田原 154015891555 One of the 7 retainers of the Nasu, Sukekiyo's 3rd son. He sent his son, Harukiyo to serve in Hideyoshi Toyotomi's conquest of Odawara.
Tsunakiyo Ōtawara 474167 5460 66
SamuraiBuddhism [Calm][-] [-]
晴清大田原 156716311582 One of the 7 retainers of the Nasu, Tsunakiyo's son. He aided Hideyoshi Toyotomi in his conquest of Odawara. During the battle of Sekigahara, he served in the eastern army.
Harukiyo Ōtawara 583761 5245 66
SamuraiBuddhism [Rally][-] [-]
宗綱佐野 155615861571 16th head of the Sano, Masatsuna's heir. Allied with the Satake and fought the Hōjō. He eventually fought and died in the battle of Subanazaka.
Munetsuna Sano 375428 3867 11
SamuraiBuddhism [Block][-] [-]
房綱佐野 155816011573 Sano retainer, believed to be either Masatsuna's or Toyotsuna's son. After Munetsuna Sano's death he served Hideyoshi Toyotomi. He was a master swordsman.
Fusatsuna Sano 187227 3672 15
WarriorBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
照久山上 154216051557 Sano retainer, one of the 4 Sano guardians. He left the clan to pursue his training. He later served the Uesugi during the battle of Sekigahara.
Teruhisa Yamagami 127639 1994 10
SamuraiBuddhism [Block][-] [-]
憲政上杉 152315791531 20th head of the Yamanōuchi-Uesugi. He lost most of his power from losing the Kawagoe war. He gave Kagetora Nagao the Uesugi name. He was later killed by Kagekatsu Uesugi.
Norimasa Uesugi 272019 7729 37
NobleBuddhism [-][-] [-]
業正長野 149115611506 Yamanōuchi-Uesugi retainer. He continued to defend Minowa Castle after his masters were killed, surviving six attacks by Shingen Takeda. Shingen was very impressed by him.
Narimasa Nagano 409689 6796 37
RetainerBuddhism [Volley 3][Block] [Confuse]
業盛長野 154615631561 Yamanōuchi-Uesugi retainer, lord of Minowa Castle and Narimasa's son. He suffered tremendous losses fighting against the Takeda and committed suicide to take responsibility.
Narimori Nagano 276349 4892 37
RetainerBuddhism [Block][-] [-]
信綱上泉 150815771523 An expert swordsman. He served the Nagano until their demise. He served Shingen Takeda but only briefly, for he set out to travel the land to further his training.
Nobutsuna Kamiizumi 49741 6388 41
WarriorBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
憲重小幡 152215751537 Yamanōuchi-Uesugi retainer, his wife was Narimasa Nagano's younger sister. He served the Takeda later. It is believed he died fighting during the battle of Nagashino.
Norishige Obata 146970 5381 38
KokuninBuddhism [Block][Taunt] [-]
信貞小幡 154115921556 Takeda retainer, Norishige's son. He sided with the Hōjō when his clan was destroyed. After the demise of the Hōjō, he went to Ueda Castle where Masayuki Sanada protected him.
Nobusada Obata 274936 4547 37
KokuninBuddhism [-][-] [-]
憲景長尾 151115831526 Yamanōuchi-Uesugi retainer. After his clan met its demise, he went to serve Kenshin Uesugi. After Kenshin's death, he went to serve the Hōjō.
Norikage Nagao 563960 5341 37
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
当長長尾 152715691542 Head of the Ashikaga-Nagao, served the Yamanōuchi-Uesugi. Served well as a go-between for the Uesugi and Hōjō.
Masanaga Nagao 623948 5563 39
NobleBuddhism [-][-] [-]
顕泰沼田 151015741525 From a powerful clan in Kōzuke, built Numata Castle. Defeated by Kenshin Uesugi's Kantō forces. He later killed the clan heir so that his youngest son, Kageyoshi could become heir.
Akiyasu Numata 594448 4612 21
KokuninBuddhism [-][-] [-]
景義沼田 155215811567 From a powerful clan in Kōzuke, Akiyasu's son. He fled to Aizu with his father after he killed the clan heir. He raised troops to re-take Numata Castle but was murdered by Masayuki Sanada.
Kageyoshi Numata 55649 4037 24
KokuninBuddhism [Block][-] [-]
重則鈴木 154715891562 Sanada retainer. Lost in a battle against Hōjō retainer, Kuninori Inomata and committed suicide. This incident gave Hideyoshi Toyotomi an excuse for his conquest of Odawara.
Shigenori Suzuki 135520 2684 04
SamuraiBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
成繁横瀬 150615781521 8th head of the Yokoze-Yura, later changed the clan name to Yura. Served the Uesugi and fought against the Hōjō and Takeda. Arranged an alliance between the Hōjō and Uesugi.
Narishige Yokoze 635472 6853 08
RetainerBuddhism [Volley 3][Demolish] [-]
朝直上田 149415821509 Ōgigayatsu-Uesugi retainer. Served the Hōjō after being defeated by their forces. Became lord of Matsuyama Castle.
Tomonao Ueda 694057 5931 12
KokuninBuddhism [-][-] [-]
憲定上田 153615951551 Hōjō retainer, Tomonao's 2nd son. He disappeared after the fall of Odawara Castle during Hideyoshi Toyotomi's conquest of Odawara.
Norisada Ueda 592230 5034 12
KokuninBuddhism [-][-] [-]
信吉藤田 155916161574 Takeda retainer. Served the Uesugi after the demise of the Takeda. Before the battle of Sekigahara, he left the Uesugi trying to mediate between the Uesugi and Tokugawa but failed.
Nobuyoshi Fujita 435258 3719 76
SamuraiBuddhism [Swift][Taunt] [-]
康資太田 153115811546 Hōjō retainer, who went on to serve the Satomi. Responsible for corresponding with the Takeda and the Uesugi. It is said that he had the strength of 30 men.
Yasusuke Ōta 226929 4441 31
RetainerBuddhism [Volley 3][-] [-]
重正太田 156116101576 Tokugawa retainer, Yasusuke's son. Served the Satomi with his father at first, but went to Sukemasa Ōta after his death. Later served Ieyasu Tokugawa.
Shigemasa Ōta 422938 3366 31
RetainerBuddhism [-][-] [-]
資正太田 152215911537 Ōgigayatsu-Uesugi retainer. After the demise of his lord, he went to serve the likes of the Uesugi and Sataka clans, fighting the Hōjō.
Sukemasa Ōta 477965 5686 38
RetainerBuddhism [Volley 3][Taunt] [-]
氏資太田 154215671557 Hōjō retainer, lord of Iwatsuki Castle and Sukemasa's heir. He fought in the rear guard for the Hōjō at the battle of Mifuneyama and was killed during the battle.
Ujisuke Ōta 425448 3872 36
RetainerBuddhism [Block][-] [-]
氏房北条 156515921580 Hōjō retainer, Ujimasa Hōjō's 3rd son. Married Ujisuke Ōta's daughter and became heir. His castle was under siege during Hideyoshi Toyotomi's conquest of Odawara.
Ujifusa Hōjō 482427 3453 82
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
政景太田 154816231563 Satake retainer, Sukemasa Ōta's 2nd son. He defeated Ujiharu Oda in the battle of Tehaizaka, becoming lord of Oda Castle. He later went on to serve Hideyasu Yūki of the Echizen-Fukui.
Masakage Ōta 445446 3537 38
RetainerBuddhism [Block][-] [-]
政業宮城 149515891510 Iwatsuki-Ōta retainer. He went to serve the Hōjō after Ujimasa Hōjō's 3rd son, Ujifusa joined the Iwatsuki-Ōta. After their master's clan was destroyed, he and Ujifusa moved to Mt. Kōya.
Masanari Miyagi 603955 4233 67
SamuraiBuddhism [-][-] [-]
1st Name(Jp)Last Name(Jp) Born yeardead yearentry biography
Given NameFamily Name POLLEAINTCHMVirtueAffinity
VocationReligion Skills  
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